Cheques Cashed for Instant Money

Visit A. F. Discount Jewellery to cash a cheque fast in London. If you have a cheque to cash our team of practical and reliable staff are here to help. We are mindful that cashing a cheque with the bank can take more time than is desirable, as the process usually takes up to 5 working days. If you need a payout sooner than your cheque is due to clear, A. F. Discount Jewellery can assist you with our instant cash solutions.

We know that those last few days waiting for a payout can be painful. That is why A. F. Discount Jewellery offers a fast-track option to help you get that desperately needed cash as soon as possible.  Get in touch with A. F. Discount Jewellery for secure cheque cashing and instant money.

The process of cashing a cheque with us is simple. You will need to have the cheque first: we consider all types including wages, cheques from solicitors, and cheques from the tax office. You will also need to have two forms of ID. Bring both your cheque and chosen forms of ID with you to our store on Balaam Street in London and we will take care of the rest.

Our courteous and experienced staff will conduct a quick routine identification check for our business records, and then you could have your money within minutes. Cash a cheque with us and you will receive your cash fast, and at a competitive rate. If you need to cash a cheque in London today, visit A.F. Discount Jewellery.

Do you need cash fast? A. F. Discount Jewellery provides instant cash solutions and can help you get cash today by cashing your cheque quickly and securely. We have regular repeat customers throughout London, including Plaistow, Stratford, Eastham and surrounding areas.

Don’t have a cheque to cash? There are many other ways you can generate cash with A. F. Discount Jewellery today. You can also sell or pawn your unwanted jewellery, or any scrap gold that you may have. We also offer services to help you to manage your money, such as currency exchange and money transfer services.

Great Rates and Five-Star Service Guaranteed

For more information on our cheque cashing services or to cash a cheque today, visit us in Plaistow, call us on 0207 511 5591 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

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